As your state representative, Tippi McCullough will fight for the immediate return of control of the Little Rock School District to the people of Little Rock – where it belongs. She knows every child in Arkansas deserves a high-quality, public education.

Progressive leaders like Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde, Pulaski County Circuit Clerk Larry Crane, City Director Capi Peck, and Vice Mayor Kathy Webb and organizations like the Fraternal Order of Police have all endorsed Tippi’s campaign. They know Tippi will work to bring 21st Century business opportunities to Little Rock. They know our community benefits from homegrown, good paying, high-tech, clean-energy, and labor jobs – jobs that cannot be outsourced.

Tippi believes our budget should reflect our values. She will fight Republican cuts to after-school and out-of-school programs that keep kids off the street and out of trouble. She will bring together community activists, elected leaders, and young people and work to find real, lasting solutions to the horrific violence plaguing our community.

Healthcare providers and hospitals like UAMS are among the largest employers in District 33. Tippi believes keeping our hospitals strong is good for our health and the health of our economy. She will fight to protect the health care of all Arkansans. Thanks to the Private Option, more than 330,000 Arkansans purchased health insurance, many for the first time. Tippi will work to make sure they can keep it.

Tippi believes protecting our environment, developing renewable sources of clean energy, and making every home and business energy efficient creates jobs and helps grow our economy. Tippi supports developing sources of clean, renewable energy. She will fight protect our environment; ensuring Arkansas is truly ‘the Natural State’ for generations to come.

Arkansans deserve elected officials they can trust. Tippi supports legislation to close loopholes that currently allow millions in dark money from special interest groups and shady billionaires to flow into Arkansas elections.

Tippi will fight Republican efforts to use “Bathroom Bills” to alienate, stigmatize, and discriminate against transgender Arkansans. Tippi believes when LGBT people are safe and free – so is everyone else. If elected, Tippi will be the only openly LGBT woman serving in the legislature. By electing Tippi to the state house, LGBTQ Arkansans can put the Republican legislature on notice: no laws about us, without us.